Graphic Device Driver crash at startup

Adrián Babík shared this bug 2 years ago
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After Frostbite update the game won't start due to Graphic Device Driver Crash.

GPU running at 31°C and it has NOT been overclocked.

Everything worked fine before the update.

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Hello Engineer!

this should hopefully be fixed in the next hotfix (1.194.081) which is supposed to come out sometimes during today or tomorrow.

Could you please try it after that and let us know if it helped?

Thank you!

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


The exact same thing happens to me i have a RTX 2080 Super and every game runs smoothly but with this game as soon as i start the game and i have it on foreground my screen goes black and and then to normal again with the message Your graphics driver has crashed.


I have this problem. i dont even maket it to the main menu befor my game crashes. running rtx 2080.


Yeah i receive the same message after booting up SE or joining a server, it happens intermittently and can confirm drivers are up to date and GPU is not "overheating" or being "overclocked" hopefully there is a fix soon

EDIT- So i figured out it crashes after i alt tab out of space engineers and shortly after the alt-tab it crahses with that message



This is a well known bug which the developers have been very unethical about. In the main thread, they closed it as solved, and stated they knew the error code was incorrect.

For 7 months they have not changed the error code, nor given customers any sort of feedback as to how they are doing on this problem. Leading some less knowledgeable users to think their PC has a major problem, which may make them do a lot of work or even spend money on new parts.

Changing the error code would have taken 5 minutes. Instead they are clearly happy for the blame to stay with the user's hardware.

Evidence here:

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