Game may be infected with malware

A Simple It shared this bug 43 days ago
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When I launch the game, After a minute or two, Space Engineers will open chat and type in my Steam Account login information.

Others have reported similar issues but with other information being leaked. for more info

Looks Like I'm not the only one with this issue now.


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Thank you for contacting us. It seems that your system is infected although there is no detected malware / virus in the logs you have attached. Do you play with a gamepad connected? Do you have Steam Xbox emulation / SE plugin or any kind of virtual keyboard enabled?

Anyway, we suggest you to:

  • Clean your device
  • Reinstall your operating system
  • Install antivirus and test your system (keep your firewall enabled)

You should also change your login information on a different device.

Please let us know if it helped you. Any additional information will be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


We already verified its not the PC. Its something in space engineers.

Me and an additional person who has the issue did a fresh install of Space Engineers on a clean device with no mods from sites or steam workshop. and the issue was still there. Only similarity was that we were both using Windows 10

I've done 5 Full Scans already.

3 with Norton and 2 with malwarebytes.

Even got microsoft process explorer on it

Here is a link to the logs of these scans


Only "Plugins" that come to mind. are the official DLCs released on the steam store page.

In the video, I was using the ease of accessibility on screen keyboard. That is pre installed in all windows.


So funny public forum sending logs with private info....