[1.191.1] false graphics crash on joining/loading world

Abisius shared this bug 3 years ago

since the small update of just a few mb ob the 19.06.2019 i constantly get a false graphics driver crash/overheating error whenever i try to join or load a world. sometimes it happens when entering the loading screen, sometimes womewhere while loading and sometimes once the loading screen ends. this error makes managing a ds nearly impossible because i cant get on the ds to remove stuff that is glitched trough the cleanup or reset buggy grids.


os win10 home

cpu i7-3770

graphics gtx-660 with driver 430.86

ram 16gb ddr3

the game is installed on a 6gb/s hdd

i tried it with and without mods and every possible combination of graphic options that my graphics can handle, as wel as a full reinstall of the driver and game with a cleareance of al lrest data.

if you need any additional infos pls tell me which infos and where to find them.

the same error was in the past multile times stated as for example here: https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/general/topic/graphics-driver-crash-error-since-1319-update


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Having the same exact error with a RTX 2070 super. I found that voxel textures had a major factor, as having them at higher levels would IMMEDIATELY crash the game with that error for no good reason with my system. Hope they fix this soon.


Have had the same thing for over a year. It seems that I have fixed the problem. I turned on my windows game settings and in the radeon settings turned off anti-lag and turned on chill and made the fps between 30 and 60. I'm not exactly sure how this fixed it, but it has. Even on this current update it crashed before I did this. If it means anything, when I was in the new game creation menu space engineers took a long time loading the pictures for the scenarios and took a very long time loading any start game types on the other tabs in that menu.


WOW I just figured out some thing: I use Vertical synchronisation, to play on slow 60Hz monitor..

BUT with this setting, game crash on join to some servers!! Without this, never problem!!

So now playing, but fucky graphic artefacts shows! What to do with this??

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