Economy Improvements: NPC Trade stations traffic

Toshiwo Araki shared this feedback 2 years ago

# Improved economy

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## Less "random" spawns and more "realistic" ones

Instead of having random spawns ships, those should appear near trade stations or their own "bases", meaning that each ship should be part of a faction or be independent NPC with their own base(s).

Each ship could then be doing a few things such as:

- move from trade station to other trade stations or their own bases

- deposit or take resources from the trade stations, sporadically they may change available contracts, all taking into account the reputation system (NPC ship can't take an enemy's contract)

## More realistic economy

Prices of sold products should vary depending on availability, in a dangerous zone, where ships are destroyed before making into a trade station, all prices might be high because it takes a lot of effort for a trader to bring stuff there.

Also, remote stations would have less traffic, meaning less availability of certain products. So a remote station is probably profitable to sell components or non-available ores.

If you sell high amounts of the same product to the same station, you'll get less and less profit as the item you sell becomes abundant.

## Gameplay improvement

All the above could bring some interesting possibilities:

- A player can follow an NPC trader ship in order to find it's base or another trade station

- Pirating those ships would affect economy, the trade station affected can't buy or sell, prices get higher, the player's reputation lowers and won't be able to buy or sell any more from that station. But player would get the resources traded from that NPC ship (maybe unlucky too, the ship just deposited ores, and is coming back empty).

- players that like the economy aspect can take advantage of higher or lower prices so they won't need to mine or even bother having refineries or even assemblers, buy a ship from a trade station is way faster than building it.

Just for fun I attach this image I've found on twitter here:

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I'd like to see something very similar to this. Maybe even have thoes cargo ships passing between trade stations be harassed by pirates they pop on an emergency beacon and if your in range, it pops up an optional contract for you to escort that mission. Even access aquisition and bounty contracts as long as your in antenna range. Would help with deciding which materials to leave base with.

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