[Idea] Functional trade/faction-ships using economy feature

Patrick Berg shared this feedback 11 months ago

I am sure this is already somehow considered by the dev team, but I wanted to add some feedback here anyways. Maybe some new ideas might come up here.

There already is a similar topic posted, but it was before the latest update launched.

I am thinking that following the economy update (faction) trading ships would be a nice addition to the game.

It would finally add a (potentially) peaceful interaction with ships, other than the current escort mission.

It always bugged me a bit that all these cargo ships are hostile towards you, when you get to close to them.

Of course the trading and docking manouver needs to be figured out somehow.

Probably the reason why it wasn't added with the latest update.

Maybe if the system gets implemented in several steps would be a good idea.

First stage:

Immobile trading ships, using antennas similar to the mayday signals, signaling the player that they are willing to trade.

(Antenna example: "[Faction] Trade Opportunity - Cheap Metal Grids!")

They can still jump away after a while. Maybe earlier when they get attacked by something.

Second stage:

Adds a ship/station-communication feature. This allows you to send trading requests to nearby traders, resulting them to stop to interact/chat with you, as well as accept contracts from stations from afar.

Trading ships will stop and wait for you to dock


or, if in empty space, can be used to call trading ships from certain factions.

(GPS Signal: "Ship incoming! - Stay away!")

They will then jump to your position and offer their services like refueling, ores, tools/weapons, small ships... depending on your faction standing with them.

Third stage:

Mercenary and module services. Like escort drones for your ship with a limited timer and weapon/ship modules for your mergeblocks. (Or connector blocks)

Game needs to somehow check if enough space is available around your mergeblocks when they are automatically attached to them.

Not sure if it is reasonable to have the delivery fully AI controlled. Maybe just a spawn feature would be more realistic. It would be cool though, to have ai ships delivering you something!

A small hauler dropping modules next to you could be also sufficient.

Some ideas for prebuilt modules:

Habitat module (sent via parachutes if on a planet), reactor module, gatling turret (for your ship), gatling tower (for your base), battery pack (helpful when your power system in a fight), small- medium- and large production module. (With survival kit, assembler and refinery)

Huge potential for further BP integration from the community!