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Trading using faction ships

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I have a faction, we have ships divided by function, so one player has more mining and production based ships, the other more exploration and warfare. This saves us the trouble of every one having a ship of every function by and for himself. Also +it saves up on PCU, which is remarkably pityfully low anyway on Keen servers.

The problem is that ships cant be shared for everythingh. for example i took a friend's ship to visit a trader (my ship was away and used by others for other duties), at the trader i got a sweet deal 14mil for 37 grav generators, so i jumped back to base, loaded up the grav. generators and went back to the trader. Couldnt complete the contract cos the ship wouldnt was not mine. I could not get any of my ships back before the restart, and i couldnt send someone ealse to finish the contract cos i started it.

So i lost 14 mil and reputation for no good reason.

What is the reasoning behind this mechanic?

I request it be changed all faction members can use all other member's ships for all possible function, if the faction so defines and allows.

Oh yeah, i heard on discord thjis issue is related to multiple accounts issue, well if you make a game that runs well with enough PCU for players to fulfill their every need, than they wouldnt need multiple accounts. You have only yourself to blame.

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After investigation, it seems that it is a duplicate of this thread with a similar issue.

Since the shared thread is still in the "Reported awaiting fix" state, kindly wait until the thread switches to "Solved" status.

We are closing this thread as a "Duplicate" for now but kindly keep an eye on the shared thread for any new information, comments, and possible fixes coming.

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