New Small Adwanced Rotor Head Blows up Large Rotor

Michael shared this bug 9 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

Having the new tiny Advanced Rotor Head on a large grid rotor is a bad idea, which we could select between the 2 different sizes because of the following reason:

Before the update, you could add the Large small grid Advanced rotor head to the rotor, attach some drills to it and plow it into the voxels with the drills on.

Now with the tiny Advanced Rotor Head attached, you can't pass large stuff through the rotor and if you like I was "dumb enough to attach the drills to the tiny Advanced Rotor Head and plow the active drills into the voxels at an extremely slow speed (doesn't matter if spinning or not)" The Rotor (not the head) blows up, when the drills make contact with the voxels!


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I didn't know salt was an ore in SE that you could mine …


That said, I did notice in one of my worlds that adding the small-grid, small conveyored rotor head to the large-grid conveyored rotor base looked and felt clangy, like it got squeezed in against collision, and it kept wiggling and twitching faintly. I even got mild phantom forces from it, but I have yet to find a reliable and light-weight way to reproduce this symptom. In a simpler, modless test world, the rotor head was stable.


Not sure why I can't just reply and have to leave a comment instead, bit:

@andersenman If you wand to check the problem for your self I don't mind attaching the current world as a link (Through the steam workshop) just be warned depending on your PC it can take between 15 - 30 min to load it. (Recreating the B5 Station in survival mode) All is set and what you have to do is hit buttons 1 and 2 once and sit back and watch the explosion.

Shame it overwrote the old world on the steamworkshop:


Hello, Michael,

thanks for letting us know.

This issue was successfully reproduced and put into our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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