Update 1.203 - Warfare Evolution & Decorative Pack #3

Keen Support shared this announcement 7 months ago

Hello, Engineers!

It's an exciting moment as we introduce you to the latest evolution in the world of Space Engineers - the Warfare Evolution update. Our first update that is released simultaneously on 3 different platforms - Steam, Xbox and now also on PlayStation!

Among the highlights of this free update is the experimental PvP Scenario: Space Standoff, setting the stage for epic confrontations that will test your strategic prowess and combat skills. But that's not all - brace for sweeping Performance, AI and Combat Improvements and Quality of Life (QOL) tweaks that will enhance your overall gameplay experience.

This new PVP scenario will not only provide a new way to experience Space Engineers, but will change and evolve over time as a permanent addition to our Keen hosted, and Community run, Dedicated servers.

Apart of this free update we are also unveiling the Decorative Pack #3. We're thrilled to present 60+ new decorative blocks that will empower your creativity and allow you to bring unique aesthetics to your creations.


  • New PvP Scenario: Space Standoff
  • Performance Improvements: Up-to 60% performance improvements for the large worlds, faster grid updates and better memory usage in the critical steps
  • AI Improvements
    • AI Defensive (Combat), Flee Away From Target feature
    • Event Controller Logic: Added functionality to make proper AND/OR gate (AI Guide)
    • General AI targeting behavior improvements
  • Improved Projectile Ricochets
  • QOL Improvements 
    • Third Person Camera improvement for Grids
    • Wheel Suspension Block exclusive area improvements
    • Improved Sensor detection of Voxels
    • Assembler Categories
    • Improved tooltips/UX on Spawn Menu
    • New Content Notifications

Added new Blocks - Base Game

  • Round Armor Panels
    • Light Armor panel Round - S + L grid
    • Light Armor panel Round Corner - S + L grid
    • Heavy Armor panel Round - S + L grid
    • Heavy Armor panel Round Corner - S + L grid
  • Short Wheel Suspensions
    • Short Wheel Suspension 1x1 Right/Left - S + L grid
    • Short Wheel Suspension 2x2 Right/Left - S + L grid
    • Short Wheel Suspension 3x3 Right/Left - S + L grid
    • Short Wheel Suspension 5x5 Right/Left - S + L grid
  • Flat Atmospheric Thrusters
    • Flat Atmospheric Thruster - S + L grid
    • Large Flat Atmospheric Thruster - S + L grid
    • Flat Atmospheric Thruster D Shape - S + L grid
    • Large Flat Atmospheric Thruster D Shape - S + L grid
  • Control Panel Pedestal - S + L grid
  • Button Panel Pedestal - S + L grid
  • AI Warning Signs
    • Warning Sign Arrow - S + L grid
    • Warning Sign Grid AI - S + L grid
    • Warning Sign AI Powered - S + L grid
    • Warning Sign Memetic Badger 1- S + L grid
    • Warning Sign Memetic Badger 2 - S + L grid
    • Warning Sign GoodAI - S + L grid

Additions to existing DLCs

  • Short Offroad Wheel Suspension (added to Wasteland Pack)
    • Offroad Short Wheel Suspension 1x1 Right/Left - S + L grid
    • Offroad Short Wheel Suspension 2x2 Right/Left - S + L grid
    • Offroad Short Wheel Suspension 3x3 Right/Left - S + L grid
    • Offroad Short Wheel Suspension 5x5 Right/Left - S + L grid

Decorative Pack #3

  • Warworn Armor skin
  • Cab Cockpit - S grid
  • Twin-blade Wind Turbine - L grid
  • Colorable Solar Panels
    • Colorable Solar Panel - S + L grid
    • Colorable Solar Panel Slope Left - S + L grid
    • Colorable Solar Panel Slope Right - S + L grid
  • LCD Panels 
    • Holo LCD - S + L grid
    • Inset LCD panel - S + L grid
    • Sloped LCD panel - S + L grid
    • Curved LCD panel - S + L grid
  • Round Beacon - S + L grid
  • Inset Blocks
    • Inset Couch - L grid
    • Inset Bed - L grid
    • Inset Button Panel - L grid
    • Entertainment Corner - L grid
    • Inset Bookshelf - L grid
    • Inset Aquarium - L grid
    • Inset Kitchen - L grid
    • Inset Cryo Room - L grid
    • Corner Medical Room - L grid
    • Half Bed - L grid
    • Half Bed Open - L grid
  • Scaffold Set
    • Scaffold Block - S + L grid
    • Scaffold Block Slope - S + L grid
    • Scaffold Block Corner - S + L grid
    • Half Scaffold Block - S + L grid
    • Walkable Scaffold Block - L grid
    • Walkable Scaffold Block Corner - L grid
    • Walkable Scaffold Block Corner Inv. - L grid
    • Walkable Half Scaffold Block - L grid
    • Scaffold Block Ladder - L grid
  • Crates & Barrels
    • Barrel - S + L grid
    • Explosive Barrel - S + L grid
    • Three Barrels - L grid
    • Stacked Barrels - L grid
    • Cargo Crate - L grid

Official Blueprints

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a crash when removing an offensive block and placing a different block mid combat
  • Fixed a crash when repeatedly trying to join a modded lobby without consenting to mod.io on Xbox
  • Fixed a crash when the Customize character UI got into invalid state where multiple skins were selected at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where "Always aim at sun" Custom Turret Controller setting would get ignored after server restart
  • Fixed an issue where 1st person camera would be forced when 3rd person camera was in position occluded by a block/grid space, but not actually occluded by a model
  • Fixed an issue where 5x5 wheel suspensions would detach upon grid update because of missing mountpoints on the sides
  • Fixed an issue where a drone would continue fleeing even after changing "Flee trigger" from Always to Never
  • Fixed an issue where a drone would miss the target with Target Prediction mode enabled
  • Fixed an issue where a drone would not "Follow home" if originally created within min/max distance of said home and repasted outside of that distance
  • Fixed an issue where a World could not be saved if the name of the save contained space at the end
  • Fixed an issue where Admin Screen Entity List section would always show your own character instead of the one selected
  • Fixed an issue where Advanced Controller Help screen section would show incorrect controls for adjusting Spectator Speed
  • Fixed an issue where AI Defensive (Combat) block's detailed info would not update on a DS
  • Fixed an issue where AI Defensive (Combat) block's flee behavior would get disrupted because it failed to load a list of saved GPSes
  • Fixed an issue where AI Defensive (Combat) block's Flee behavior would not dynamically react to Flee waypoint slider adjustment
  • Fixed an issue where AI Defensive (Combat) block's flee waypoint would not match the size set by the Flee waypoint slider
  • Fixed an issue where AI Move - Flight block stopped Autopilot when Offensive Block's Circle/Orbit behavior was disabled
  • Fixed an issue where AI Offensive (Combat) block would keep trying to fire it's assigned weapons even when AI Move block was disabled and grid could no longer aim
  • Fixed an issue where AI Offensive (Combat) block's Hit and Run nominal weapon selection would not be determined by same facing as active Flight block facing
  • Fixed an issue where AI Offensive (Combat) would show errors for weapons on sub-grids not facing in forward direction
  • Fixed an issue where AI Task - Basic block's detailed info would not update when Follow Me behavior stopped due to character death
  • Fixed an issue where an Emotion Controller in a damaged status would still continue displaying emotes
  • Fixed an issue where an Event Controller emissivity would not be updated properly when the block turned itself off
  • Fixed an issue where Atmospheric thruster blades would reset and stop spinning upon recolor/reskin
  • Fixed an issue where block description could not be scrolled inside Radial menu with a controller
  • Fixed an issue where braking (space) would not be possible when driving a rover through the Custom Turret Controller
  • Fixed an issue where Circle/Orbit behavior would lose track of its target
  • Fixed an issue where Cockpit control hints would not change with method of input (KB+M, controller)
  • Fixed an issue where controller toolbar UI would still show values for previously visible pages
  • Fixed an issue where corners of Laser Antenna block would react to sunlight by darkening
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Turret Controller's terminal options would not (dis)appear reliably based on other settings
  • Fixed an issue where distant voxel textures were not defined for some materials, causing empty spots at a distance (Pertam, Triton, asteroids)
  • Fixed an issue where Emotion Controller would not display Online text on it's LCD when powered
  • Fixed an issue where Emotion Controller would not register as Online if built in survival on a grid with a Battery as sole available power source
  • Fixed an issue where Emotion Controller's Selected textures would duplicate when attempting to multi-select Available LCDs
  • Fixed an issue where Enable idle movement terminal toggle would be be missing on DS
  • Fixed an issue where Event Controller's Available Blocks list scroll bar would not adjust when using Search, hiding the results if previously scrolled down
  • Fixed an issue where Event Controller's detailed info would not update when tracked block was removed from the list
  • Fixed an issue where Freight boxes were not paintable once placed because of their interactive part covering the whole block, now only the lid is interactive
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect voxel materials would be present on a pasted planet on Xbox
  • Fixed an issue where Industrial Cockpit LCDs would appear black from the outside on lower graphics settings
  • Fixed an issue where Landing gears and Hangar doors would show flickering textures (Z-fighting)
  • Fixed an issue where Loop timer setting for a Sound block would get ignored on DS when the block was triggered by another block
  • Fixed an issue where Missile flame animation would have a square shape
  • Fixed an issue where movement input would stuck while controlling a turret on a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where Natural Gravity Changed event would report Event Controller detail info Input: value as zero whenever the Condition or slider were adjusted
  • Fixed an issue where other blocks could be attached to Centered Panel blocks without actually touching them physically
  • Fixed an issue where player was kicked from server for trying to paste a blueprint with a script which was running previously and already contained null values in the BP
  • Fixed an issue where power usage would get misreported on DS when Autopilot is controlling the grid
  • Fixed an issue where Replay tool would cause save file bloat in other subsequently loaded and resaved worlds (remove entire EntityReplayData element from your savefile if affected)
  • Fixed an issue where setting piston maximum distance to 0 would show up in Event Controller detailed info as NaN
  • Fixed an issue where sides of Warfare Battery block would contained stretched triangles
  • Fixed an issue where Speedometer would not update when controlling grid through Custom Turret Controller
  • Fixed an issue where terminal actions and controls would not generate when using a mod
  • Fixed an issue where the caret in multiline texts would get more imprecise the longer the message
  • Fixed an issue where the Ship drill block's drill head would reset its position upon recolor/reskin
  • Fixed an issue where two dialogs would be present, overlapping each other when joining a server and downloading mods (now only one is present at a time)
  • Fixed an issue where UV textures were stretched on the Large Gate block
  • Fixed an issue where Voice chat of Player A would be transmitted over enemy Player B's antenna. Enemy antennas now cannot be used for Voice transmission
  • Fixed an issue where Voice chat of Player A would not be transmitted over Neutral antenna. Neutral antennas are now usable by all for Voice transmission
  • Fixed an issue where Voice chat of Player A would not be transmitted over Player A's antenna to enemy Player B. Friendly antennas can now be used to broadcast your Voice transmission to all in range
  • Fixed an issue where voxel materials would not unload properly when changing between Quality settings, causing incorrect materials to appear
  • Fixed an issue where voxel quality would get stuck on low when loading a planet world after a space world
  • Fixed an issue where Warfare Ion Thruster would not mirror correctly when using mirror mode placement
  • Fixed an issue where waypoint actions would trigger even when the waypoint was skipped (for example when unreachable)

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when AI Recorder executes Jump drive Jump action at waypoint without character present. Jump action is now not available to AI
  • Fixed an issue where a drone would crash into other grids even with Collision Avoidance enabled
  • Fixed an issue where a drone would hesitate to fire at a static grid
  • Fixed an issue where a Turret on a subgrid would not aim in the same direction after being rewelded from construction stage
  • Fixed an issue where a world would get corrupted when Emotion Controller displayed Emotes onto not yet initialized LCDs at time of save
  • Fixed an issue where a world would get corrupted when saving after destroying a pirate base antenna/beacon
  • Fixed an issue where Access Panels were not colorable
  • Fixed an issue where achievements tied to the Never Surrender scenario waves were awarded at slightly incorrect wave numbers
  • Fixed an issue where AI blocks would not target non-player characters (Saberoids and Wolves)
  • Fixed an issue where AI Recorder waypoints would get renamed when Reverse Order action happened
  • Fixed an issue where Air Vent Fan would stop spinning after being rewelded
  • Fixed an issue where Audio emitter pool would not get cleaned up properly, resulting in incorrect sounds being played at times
  • Fixed an issue where Autocanons on a subgrid would appear to be shooting only from one spot after recoloring
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Turret Controller Always aim at sun would not appear when reference Camera is selected earlier than rotor/hinge
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Turret Controller turrets would not fire until regular Turret was present on the grid
  • Fixed an issue where Dead Drop Arena would not start and all ships would explode due to missing ownership setting
  • Fixed an issue where Event Controller Connector is ready to lock event would not trigger when false
  • Fixed an issue where Heat Vent power dependency would freeze the game
  • Fixed an issue where icons for blocks without the desired grid size of a variant would show up. Now it shows up as N/A when not available in that size
  • Fixed an issue where it would not be possible to directly control turrets while also controlling the grid remotely
  • Fixed an issue where it would not be possible to walk through a Willis Duct Ramp block with mag boots
  • Fixed an issue where Left and Right small grid 3x3 Offroad wheels had inconsistent dimensions of bounding boxes between each other
  • Fixed an issue where MyDataReceiver.UpdateBroadcastersInRange was allocating excess memory
  • Fixed an issue where MyDefinitionId.ToString was not as optimized as it could be
  • Fixed an issue where MyLargeTurretTargettingSystem was allocating excess memory
  • Fixed an issue where O2/H2 Generator would fill/not fill bottles if they were not in specific order in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue where Ore Detector block range slider would reset on a DS after leaving and coming back into sync range
  • Fixed an issue where Pipeworks blocks and Sci-fi Interior walls would not mirror correctly when using mirror mode placement
  • Fixed an issue where Saberoid inventory would not have a set limit
  • Fixed an issue where searching for Thrusters by direction in a terminal would fail
  • Fixed an issue where Searchlight would not track the target smoothly in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where Sensor block would inaccurately detect characters sitting in cockpits (same grid/other grid, ship/station)
  • Fixed an issue where Sensors would not be able to accurately detect planet voxels
  • Fixed an issue where Sensors would not detect a character in a cockpit specifically on planets
  • Fixed an issue where Spotlight radius value was not correctly synchronized to others through the server
  • Fixed an issue where subgrids would begin to float away when adding/removing blocks to a grid with a lot of subgrids
  • Fixed an issue where the first item from an inventory could not be thrown out when using a controller
  • Fixed an issue where thruster sound would not stop playing when converting a ship to a station
  • Fixed an issue where turrets would not focus target grids which were connected mechanically to other grids
  • Fixed an issue where voxel collisions would disappear at certain spots of a planet after save and reload
  • Fixed an issue where worlds could not be saved when there were changes to boulders with long names as path name would be too long

Update 1.203.022B3

  • Fixed large grid hinges not transporting items
  • Fixed various crashes and exceptions
  • Fixed endless unloading on consoles

Update 1.203.023

  • Fixed a crash when AI Offensive block is destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where Cab Cockpit's bottom conveyor would not transfer items
  • Fixed an issue where Round armor panels would have variable width along their edges
  • Fixed an issue where sim speed would drop when the world was in a specific state
  • Fixed multiple visual issues with Colorable solar panel slopes


Update 1.203.024

  • Fixed a crash when ActiveInventory.sbl or ViewedContent.sbl were corrupted
  • Fixed an issue where a blueprint with an Event controller containing custom events would not paste
  • Fixed an issue where AI behavior would be turned off after grid split
  • Fixed an issue where an older blueprint with AI blocks would not paste
  • Fixed an issue where Holo LCD's surface would be offset when built in Survival
  • Fixed an issue where Sparks of the Future space shuttle would start to fly sideways

Replies (9)


You guys are great!

I was about to submit a ticket to address the new cab's large conveyor not working, but y'all already fixed it!


I think there is another bug that was fixed but not listed, the supply drop bug that occurred when you loaded a save that was taken while you had a supply drop coming down that prevented future drops seems not to be an issue anymore.


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