Update 1.202 - Automatons

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Hello, Engineers!

This update will not only reshape automation, but it will also serve as a basis for continued exploration of the “NPC” concept. Automation has never been so easy! 

Complex mechanized systems can now be more easily realized through use of the new “Event Controller”. Airlocks, docking clamps, loading bays, and mecha controls are now simpler than ever. The event controller not only provides new functionality, but delivers this functionality in an easy to use and easy to understand block. These powerful new mechanics will create new engineering opportunities and serve as a foundation for future upgrades and improvements to the existing PvE content.

From flight control to combat maneuvers, the AI series of blocks delivers a completely new way to automate every aspect of your Space Engineers experience. Explore a future full of automated and animated allies and enemies. For this Major update we have provided you with the tools you need to define a new era in automation. These new blocks empower your creativity like never before. We cannot wait to see the workshop come ALIVE with new creations.


  • Event Controller & AI Blocks are here! (Grid AI Guide)
  • Locked Landing Gear no longer takes control of the grids they are attached to
  • Added Sun Tracking option to Custom Turret Controller
  • Small grid “Ejector” block has been changed to Small Connector (including Connector functionality)
  • Combat Improvements (Combat Guide)
    • Target Lock Improvement
      Turrets will now automatically engage a locked target if it is within the turret’s max range and Line of Sight (and the turret is not already engaging another target)
    • The "Forget Target" and "Copy Target" actions have been removed
    • New action: Focus Locked Target (replacing Copy target)
      When triggering this action, turrets will prioritize the target that is currently fully target locked by the player
    • Added Grey Lead Indicator + "Out of weapon range" text indicator when you are out of range for the selected weapon
    • Increased Target Locking distance by 500m, totaling 2500m
    • Turrets: cycle subsystem in toolbar now shows the name of currently selected subsystem
  • UI Improvements
    • New overlay when manually controlling Turrets
  • Intel Arc GPUs Supported, minimal version of driver .4146

Added new Blocks - Base Game

  • AI Flight (Move) - 1 block, S + L grid
  • AI Basic (Task) - 1 block, S + L grid
  • AI Recorder (Task) - 1 block, S + L grid
  • AI Defensive (Combat) - 1 block, S + L grid
  • AI Offensive (Combat) - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Event Controller - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Willis Ducts - 8 blocks, L grid
  • Conveyor Cap - 3 blocks, S + L grid
  • Centered Armor Panels - 2 blocks S + L grid - light & heavy
  • Air Vent - 1 block S + L grid
  • 2x2 Wheels - 2 blocks, S + L grid
  • ...and a small, fluffy surprise! 

Added new Blocks to existing DLCs:

Automatons Pack

  • Emotion Controller & 16 emoticons - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Saddle Cockpit - 1 block, S grid
  • Compact Saddle Cockpit - 1 block, S grid
  • Warning Signs - 13 variants L grid, 13 variants S grid
  • Top Mounted Camera - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Angled Interior Wall - 2 blocks, L grid
  • Inset Light Block - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Pipework Block - 2 blocks, L grid
  • Access Panels - 4 blocks, S + L grid
  • Air Vent Fan - 2 blocks, S + L grid
  • Automaton Programmable Block - 1 block, S+L grid
  • Automaton Timer Block - 1 block, S+L grid
  • Automaton Sensor - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Robot Helmet Skin
  • Plastic Armor Skin

Weapon Name Changes

  • Missile Turret -> Rocket Turret
  • Missile -> Rocket
  • S-10 -> S-10 Pistol
  • S-10 Magazine -> S-10 Pistol Magazine
  • S-10E -> S-10E Pistol
  • S-10E Magazine -> S-10E Pistol Magazine
  • S-20 -> S-20 Pistol
  • S-20 Magazine -> S-20 Pistol Magazine
  • MR-20 -> MR-20 Rifle
  • MR-20 Magazine -> MR-20 Rifle Magazine
  • MR-8P -> MR-8P Rifle
  • MR-8P Magazine -> MR-8P Rifle Magazine
  • MR-50A -> MR-50A Rifle
  • MR-50A Magazine -> MR-50A Rifle Magazine
  • MR-30E -> MR-30E Rifle
  • MR-30E Magazine -> MR-30E Rifle Magazine
  • RO-1 -> RO-1 Rocket Launcher
  • PRO-1 -> PRO-1 Rocket Launcher

Official Blueprints

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where voice chat was transmitted through unstreamed grids, but would not play on client
  • Fixed an issue with Armor Panel side textures being stretched or differently scaled
  • Fixed an issue with Atmospheric thrusters not stopping their spinning animation upon losing power
  • Fixed an issue with Blast Doors to the Research archive in Frostbite not opening
  • Fixed an issue with Build Planner not being able to withdraw items from inventories on sub-grids
  • Fixed an issue with collisions on construction stages for Medical Room
  • Fixed an issue with damaged Connector not emitting smoke on a DS
  • Fixed an issue with Dispenser missing dispenser decals for button labels and tap indicators
  • Fixed an issue with Gatling Turret muzzle flash remaining after being ground down to construction stage
  • Fixed an issue with glossiness inconsistency for Weldless Armor skin on specific armor blocks
  • Fixed an issue with hacking line being ignored for Sensor blocks
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistency of dark edges for triangular textures on various armor blocks
  • Fixed an issue with Interior Light blueprint was missing from Small Blocks tab in assembler
  • Fixed an issue with inventory item highlight/focus being on the right-most field instead of left-most one
  • Fixed an issue with Laser antenna still transmitting voice chat even after being turned off
  • Fixed an issue with missing controller hints for switching between tabs in UI screens
  • Fixed an issue with missing text for Contract screen controller hints
  • Fixed an issue with O2/H2 construction stage Level of Detail models + fixed flickering (Z-fighting)
  • Fixed an issue with O2/H2 control panel switching position on lower Level of Detail model
  • Fixed an issue with Refinery idle sound not turning off when losing power
  • Fixed an issue with shading on construction stages for Reinforced Conveyors
  • Fixed an issue with Ship Grinder sound not being synchronized properly in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue with Small Reinforced Conveyor Tube LoDs being darker
  • Fixed an issue with Small Reinforced Conveyor Tube T Junction having fewer LoDs
  • Fixed an issue with Small Reinforced Curved Conveyor Tube construction stage not changing LoDs
  • Fixed an issue with Storage Shelf construction stages having labels (text removed from const. stages)
  • Fixed an issue with Store block top side pipe texture
  • Fixed an issue with Terminal search function failing to show results after scrolling through previous ones
  • Fixed an issue with voice chat icon appearing above a ragdoll after the player respawns while still talking
  • Fixed an issue with Warhead's control panel part being flipped on one of the LoDs

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with armor edge texture stretching when using Weldless armor
  • Fixed an issue with autopilot not being able to operate Atmospheric thrusters after coming down from high altitude
  • Fixed an issue with chat scrolling too far using Page Up
  • Fixed an issue with co-pilot not being able to control turrets
  • Fixed an issue with collisions for one side of the Steel Catwalk Two Sides
  • Fixed an issue with controller where it always deleted the top-most listed save when deleting saves
  • Fixed an issue with Conveyor Pipe and Tube T Junction UV scaling
  • Fixed an issue with detached wheels not interacting with the grid they were attached to
  • Fixed an issue with drilling particles being generated even when there is no visible voxel in contact with a Drill
  • Fixed an issue with DS not being able to download specific mods
  • Fixed an issue with female character animation when seated
  • Fixed an issue with game freeze after shooting a salvo of missiles from a safezone
  • Fixed an issue with Good.Bot hints progress being reset on game restart
  • Fixed an issue with GPS not being controllable through EZGPS mod
  • Fixed an issue with Industrial Refinery interactive parts and their highlights not working
  • Fixed an issue with Jump Drive not actually removing a beacon as a destination after switching to blind jump
  • Fixed an issue with large grid Advanced Rotor adding the new small rotor head and not the 3x3 variant
  • Fixed an issue with LCDs containing long texts causing performance issues on Xbox One S
  • Fixed an issue with ModAPI MyMissile.AmmoMagazineDefinition returning itself
  • Fixed an issue with MyDefinitionId.ToString method not being performant enough
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping decals on higher hand welder tiers
  • Fixed an issue with player getting stuck in respawn screen in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue with realistic grid sound getting stuck when touching and leaving the grid repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue with Replay Tool not allowing to switch characters when one of them is sitting in a grid
  • Fixed an issue with Rotating Light's subpart visually detaching from the base upon turning the light off
  • Fixed an issue with Safezone "Configure filter" not being sorted alphabetically for factions
  • Fixed an issue with Searchlight resetting itself to default orientation upon save/load
  • Fixed an issue with set up Cockpit actions resetting upon server reconnect
  • Fixed an issue with small Armor block textures not being consistent in hue
  • Fixed an issue with small grid small Advanced Rotor displacement being flipped
  • Fixed an issue with sorting by Size in Load Game screen being sorted as text instead of numbers
  • Fixed an issue with sound still playing for multiple blocks when they were turned off remotely
  • Fixed an issue with target lock lead indicator not working for clients using Custom turret controller in MP
  • Fixed an issue with Turrets not using the new Camera overlay
  • Fixed an issue with Wall Window blocks not being airtight in orientations where they should be

Update 1.202.067

  • Fixed an issue with game start on Linux (Proton)
  • Fixed an issue with small grid skins having additional visual scratches
  • Fixed several game crashes

Update 1.202.068

  • Fixed an issue with Show horizon toggle doing nothing
  • Fixed an issue with wolves and spiders not having components in their inventory
  • Fixed several game crashes
  • Fixed several graphical issues on armor skins

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Having issues with saving. running with no mods and still not letting me save on new world creation in single player


For some reason Xbox controllers for pc Are not working When the new update came out?

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