Update 1.196

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Main Features

  • Dedicated Server optimizations
  • French and Spanish localization
  • Changes to hitboxes of blocks and armor

New Features and Changes

  • Added an ability to recolor personal GPS
  • Added an option to Trash removal to revert boulders as well to prevent save file bloat
  • Added CPU Load graph to DS remote client
  • Added Family sharing setting to DSGUI, Admins can choose to allow/disallow clients connecting through Family shared copy of SE
  • Added load bar to DSGUI to indicate when saves in the list are loading
  • Added ModAPI support for tiered update for IMyCubeGrid
  • Added ModAPI support for update timer for IMyFunctionalBlock
  • Added PCU trading toggle to DSGUI, Admins can choose to disable/enable PCU trading (enabled by default)
  • Added refresh field to graphs in DS remote client
  • Added replicable status filter to Entity list Admin screen
  • Added Selective physics updates setting to DSGUI (disabled by default), world parts do update when players are not around
  • Added tier update system timers to blocks SBC (empty by default)
  • Added Tiered Update System (TUS), blocks belonging to TUS are switched between update tiers dynamically based on grid and player proximity
  • Changed collision shapes for many models which were causing issues (they should now better copy the body of the block itself)
  • Optimized Batteries
  • Optimized Character sounds, animations and aiming position for DS
  • Optimized cockpits and Remote control blocks, HUD updates and sound for them are not handled on DS anymore
  • Optimized Connector/ Ejector, they are now tiered update blocks
  • Optimized Conveyor sorters, there is now maximum amount of items for push/pull per tick
  • Optimized conveyor system, power requirements are not progressive based on length of lines, but are constant 1W
  • Optimized Gatling guns, changed update for ammo pulling; particles, animations, sound are not handled by server
  • Optimized Hydrogen and Oxygen tanks, they are now tiered update blocks
  • Optimized Identity removal for inactive players, it now removes more leftover data to prevent save file bloat
  • Optimized Jump drive
  • Optimized Landing gear
  • Optimized MyAdvancedDoor (used exclusively by mods)
  • Optimized Nuclear reactors, they pull fuel differently from the conveyor system
  • Optimized O2/H2 generators, they pull fuel differently and pull maximum of 2 bottles per tick for refueling
  • Optimized Parachute hatch
  • Optimized production blocks, they pull/push items differently and are all tiered update blocks
  • Optimized Projector and Console blocks, they react to player presence tier
  • Optimized Sandbox.sbc and moved session name to Sandbox_config.sbc instead, DSGUI loads _config.sbc exclusively when selecting a new game
  • Optimized Sound blocks and Jukebox on DS
  • Optimized the way how clients join the server
  • Optimized Thruster damage and particles, thrusters are now tiered blocks
  • Optimized Trash removal voxel revert, when asteroids or boulders are reverted, they are removed from the save file to prevent save file bloat
  • Optimized Turrets, ammo pulling, animations, turrets are now tiered update blocks
  • Optimized Weather System
  • Copy to clipboard copies the color of the personal GPS as well

Crashes and Fixes

  • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.ProcessDecoys
  • Fixed a crash MySectorWeatherComponent.UpdateWeathersOnClients
  • Fixed a crash when lightning strikes during heavy snow storms
  • Fixed a crash when too many reloading notifications are attempted to be shown at once in HUD
  • Fixed a crash when trying to update a ship drill after it was already removed by trash removal
  • Fixed a bug in CPU threads being put to sleep, taking longer to wake up, causing stutters
  • Fixed add plugin button in DSGUI doing nothing
  • Fixed an issue in door physics which leads to unintended forces
  • Fixed an instance of Someone else is using this ship
  • Fixed being forced into spectator upon load of saved game, where player was inside med bay (customizing)
  • Fixed blocks with animated parts not being grindable with Ship grinders
  • Fixed Chinese language not working until game restart
  • Fixed DS ignoring remote client commands
  • Fixed DSGUI force update from branch failing without a password even for branches which do not require passwords
  • Fixed Ejectors not producing sound on DS
  • Fixed missing pressurisation effects on Small grids
  • Fixed NPC pathfinding properly instead of previous hotfix
  • Fixed old DS saves loading very slowly and being unresponsive in DSGUI (resaving them should fix that now)
  • Fixed particles being refreshed when returning from ESC menu
  • Fixed projected grids light blocks actually emitting lights
  • Fixed Rotor displacement being available through ship toolbar for Hinges
  • Fixed Spiders and Wolves having bank accounts
  • Fixed Survival Kits not counting as grids with respawn point for Trash Removal
  • Fixed terminal lag on servers with many players accumulated across the ages in the ownership dropdown menu
  • Fixed thumbnail in Continue appearing black, since the thumbnail screenshot was taken before fade ends (too early)
  • Fixed turrets ignoring Shoot On and Shoot Once without acquiring a target at least once since placed
  • Fixed UI for non-editable GPS to really be non-editable

Support site issues

  • Fixed a crash when placing a block as spectator without a character
  • Fixed background UI opacity affecting selection highlight
  • Fixed character skins not being reapplied when switching to female for the first time
  • Fixed construction progress UI disappearing in specific cases
  • Fixed damaged grids being stuck in one place when hydrogen and batteries are only source of power
  • Fixed duplication of welders in the contract UI
  • Fixed faction members not being able to control faction shared Remote control
  • Fixed hinges going beyond set limits, they now automatically return into the range limit using their set velocity
  • Fixed HUD not updating when welding finished
  • Fixed hydrogen bottles not updating when used
  • Fixed inability to access Dead Engineer inventory
  • Fixed inability to delete changed personal GPS (it was not synced to server)
  • Fixed ModSDK not being able to compile mods with scripts
  • Fixed red damage effect getting stuck on screen
  • Fixed rockets visually not being destroyed upon impact, making an illusion of passing through voxel
  • Fixed Ship drills not being able to drill into meteor craters
  • Fixed Small Hinge block hitbox issues with other attached blocks
  • Fixed sound being looped on production blocks even when not producing
  • Fixed Sound block stop sound button not working on DS
  • Fixed the selection of multiple LCDs at once changing the settings of all of them to the top one
  • Fixed warnings and messages not being sorted and updating too frequently

Updated Collison (Completed)

All armor blocks have received an update to collision models as well as the specific blocks listed below. These collision updates are an ongoing process.

Small Blocks

  • O2/H2 generator
  • Small battery
  • Parachute Hatch
  • Merge block
  • Decoy
  • Warhead
  • Scifi small Ion thruster
  • Small Hydrogen thrust

Large Blocks

  • O2/H2 generator
  • Jump Drive
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Small Hydrogen Tank
  • Merge Block
  • Battery
  • Artificial mass
  • Oxygen Tank
  • Small Cargo Container
  • Conveyor Sorter
  • Assembler

Hotfix 196.012

  • Fixed faction issues
    • If you still experiencing issues with your faction, restart the faction. Remove all members including the leader so the faction is deleted and make it again.
  • Fixed various crashes on client and server.
  • Rebalanced Lightning - Lightning happens less often now.

Hotfix 1.196.013

  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Fixed hydrogen thrusters performance issue (combination with conveyors).
  • Fixed advanced doors issue (mods use that).
  • Fixed backpack not disappearing.


Hotfix 1.196.014

  • Fixed asteroid desync issues in the multiplayer. 
  • Fixed assembler production animation. It's more fluid and smooth. 
  • Fixed thruster power issue on subgrids. 
  • Fixed sci-fi sliding doors and landing gear issue. 
  • Fixed rogue orbital station, which was unwilling to let players in. Captain of that station was punished and the doors are now accessible.


Hotfix 1.196.016

The next batch of fixed collisions for these blocks:

Small Blocks

  • Projector
  • Motor Suspension
  • Armor Corner and Side
  • Atmospheric Thruster
  • Cockpit
  • Gatling gun
  • Hydrogen Tank
  • Vent
  • Door and Side Door

Large Blocks

  • Antenna
  • Atmospheric Thruster
  • Bar Counter
  • Bar Counter Corner
  • Basic Refinery
  • Bed
  • Button Panel
  • Cockpit
  • Contract block
  • Cover Wall
  • Desk
  • Food Dispenser
  • Hangar Door
  • Hydrogen Tank
  • Hydrogen Thuster
  • Interior Pillar
  • Sci-fi Ion Thruster
  • Kitchen
  • Lab
  • Locker
  • Neon Tubes
  • Ore Detector
  • Passage
  • Projector
  • Ramp
  • Slide Door
  • Stairs
  • Catwalks
  • Ion Thrusters
  • Windows


Hotfix 1.196.018

  • Fixed an issue where campaign cannot be resumed after game restart


Hotfix 1.196.019

  • Fixed specific (out of memory) crash for the DS

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