elevator blocks and forcefield generators

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the consept for the elevator blocks is a few blocks similar to heavy armor and ect but it is used like a elevator with it pushing you up or down on a platform and can be made up to 45 x 45 blocks wide and can lift vehicles and ships and be made as little as 1 x 1, you can simply reuse some hanger doors code and make it use blocks as measurements such as 0 block it won't move but 3 block could move the height of 3 armor blocks and requires 125 kilowatts. to be powered. and has a 45 block height limit. but would consist of the shaft and two elevator platforms one would be (open) the floor and no walls or roof and the (enclosed) roof,walls,floor. this also mean adding elevator buttons and recivers so elevator button 0 would be ground level and 45 would be the top.

The forcefield would be similar to the safe zone but you can put it on a ship or base and it would reduce damage to the ship to zero until unpowered or to damaged but it cost 900 kilowatts to power and would be very expensive to make using 5 uranium ingots per 30 minutes or a lot of battery power.

combine this with this weapon concept below:


and you now have enhanced combat and greater possibilities.

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We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!

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