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KSH employees,

First, great job with the game. I saw a post on youtube asking for suggestions so I thought I would take the opportunity. I know you are working on many things to including dedicated servers, higher multiplayer capabilities, higher PCU which will all improve the game highly. I would greatly appreciate the ability to orbit. Everything I have read says it is not possible on the Xbox without a speed mod. I think it would be amazing to be able to have an orbiting satellite for multiple purposes, spying on the enemy, extending communication, launching weapons, or as a moving fueling station. I understand you can have all these basically stationary in space outside of the gravity well, which on earthlike is around 40000m/40km. But that isn't very "Space Engineers" and it's quite far for some operations. Again, thank you for your hard work. You have made an excellent product.


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It is not possible to orbit the planets as you need the speed mod to do that, mods might be coming so be patient 🤗


We will consider this feature. Keep voting.

Thank you for your feedback!


I recently made a suggestion very similar to this one. If anyone is still reading this comment section: please upvote this suggsetion, and go and upvote the one I made too:

If Keen see that suggestions which are all getting at similar stuff are getting lots of votes from users, they are more likely to consider exploring them.

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