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Add hinges to Xbox

Richard Karcher shared this feedback 3 years ago

Hinges recently came in the Sparks of the Future dlc for pc. You have stated that you have no dlc release schedule for Xbox. If nothing else, adding the hinges and possibly lettering to Xbox would be a massive help to those of us isolated to console.

Thank you.

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We are planning on bringing the DLC and its free content to Xbox.

Stay tuned!


I play on Xbox One...

will hinges allow for Air-tight setup? so a wall made up of light block or heavy block; can slide into position and create a seal? The hanger doors are great and even 2 closing from top and bottom to touch eachother, however this still limits the height of small ships, so putting turrents, missle launchers or decorative wings that end up being width or height like structures or still like solar panels which in it self are long and wide; to be able to fit it all on a ship limited to the hanger doors is quite limited.

A hinge would allow larger smaller blocked ships to be built allowing more options.


Sparks of the Future free update and DLC was released last week!

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