Wolves Rarely Spawn on Earthlike Planet

Spaceman Spiff shared this bug 3 years ago

I love spiders. I really do. When spiders are active on either the alien planet or its moon, they're all over the player like a cheap suit! I love that. Those hungry little buggers. It makes survival more interesting by far.

But on the earthlike planet I rarely see wolves, if ever. I can have a plain vanilla game going, starting from scratch, with wolves turned on and they rarely show up. I want those little beasties to pop up as much as the spiders.

This spawning problem has gone on for several major revisions to the game. Is there anything you can do to get those pups to come visit more often?

Thanks in advance.

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What happens that wolves spawn around 500m-1km away from the player and the broken ai rarely leads them towards the player.

When I was doing NPC research I had wolves spawn for 5 seconds on Earthlike than they vanished. If you liked spiders now you would of love them how they use to work years ago. Spiders actually were a threat and could damage grids if needed to. Best of all they had amazing pathfinding and would be able to swarm bases...before the dig in a loop forever bug was added.

I made a suggestion about fixing the npcs like how they use to be along with letting modders being able to make custom npcs.


I also made a video comparing SE npcs to ME. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEeFkNGnOl4


Hey, I'd truly love to see that...fighting those critters that want to take apart my survival builds. Oh, yeah! Sign me up!!


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