VRAM Memory Leak

James Demaine shared this bug 11 months ago

I am using a GTX 1080 8GB and am getting frequent crashes for running out of VRAM (latest drivers).

I had it set to extreme (always used to work fine).

I changed it to High and then Medium, but the problem persisted.

The game would run from several minutes to a few seconds, occuring randomly.

Only background GPU application suspends when its not visible (Wallpaper engine), so its only SE running

SEE ATTACHED for latest logs

Contact me if you would like the dump file (too large for here)

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Hello, Engineer!

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Thanks for a great game :D!!!

I have had the crash several more times now.

Thought I should provide more details about my setup.

CPU: R5 2600X @4Ghz

Mem: 16GB HyperX @ 2800Mhz

Mobo: MSI X470 Gaming Plus

GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080 8GB G1 Gaming (Comes pre-overclocked)

1.1TB StoreMI Tierdrive (128GB SSD + 1TB HDD), causes some other issues on my system, but I believe this issue is unrelated as it has occured on a friend's PC with similar specs without this storage setup)

I have just purchased the new DLC, I hope this is fixed soon as the game is currently unplayable for me


I am using a GTX 1060 6GB and I am experiencing frequent crashes due to running out of VRAM, I have my drivers updated to their latest versions and I have tried lowering my graphical settings from extreme to high to medium but the problem still persists.