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RALLAN shared this bug 21 months ago

I built a wheeled drilling vehicle with a movable drilling section attached to a rotor and a piston. This vehicle was not well balanced and it overturned when I moved the rotor too far. I expected this but I did not expect the uncontrollable, wild and continuous spin that followed. I exited the vehicle and watched as it proceeded to destroy itself as it bounced around on a perfectly flat surface. This did not stop even after the drills were broken off. It was behaving as though there was a single thruster stuck on full power. But the vehicle only had wheels. All I could do was watch it bounce around thinking "where is all this energy coming from?". It looked like it was never going to stop.

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When the spinning stopped briefly, I separated off the rotor from the rest of the vehicle and everything calmed down. So I conclude that the model for the rotor had gone wrong.


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