Graphics card error crash report with version 1.189.044

Michael G shared this bug 3 years ago

Game crashes with graphics card crash error using client to host with friend. Crashed without friend also. Updated graphics drivers before (crashed with and without updated drivers.) I think it could be a memory issue with the game. I can play many other games for hours with no problems. The log file, minidump (in appdata folder from space engineers not sure what this was) and save file is attached, thank you!

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** Update: I updated to graphics drivers (Nvidia 419.67 released 3/25/19) I have a GTX 1060 so far I played 2 hours and no crashing!!! I am not sure if it s gone for good but it seemed as though the driver update has at least improved something. Again 2 hours of play after updated gpu driver and no crashes! I believe the 419.67 version of the driver should help others!


The problems most likely still exist with the driver 419.35 and the best troubleshooting methods will be using this version.


updated to the newest version of both drivers and ghame and it worked for one day then started on log in every time... games workes fine in single player though with same mods

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