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Jim Atkins shared this bug 2 years ago

Can you please fix the bug that causes ships to be stuck on connectors and they wont disconnect. The issue has been happening for about a month now on servers. You have a ship that is connected to a connector. You disconnect as usual and fly to where you want to go only to find out as soon as you start drilling or get out of your ship that your ship is actually still on the connector of where you thought you had left.

The other issue is sometimes connectors just wont disconnect and have been seen that the connector sometimes turns red which are mounted on ships. Grinding the connector off doesn't solve the issue and your ship remains stuck. Other plays can witness you trying to fly away and that the connector wont disengage.

Edit: Looking through the bugs this seems to be a common issue which have yet to be fixed. its all to do with rubber banding back and forth. My friend had the issue last night and said it makes the game unplayable.

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TThis is happening on our server as well. The only way we've found to fix the bug is to turn the ship off, have another player hop into the cockpit, then the original player can switch with them.


To add a little more information to this bug, I will sometimes go over 10km away from my launch point and then the ship will teleport back to the connector with me in it.

Additionally it is not always connector related. For example I just launched from inside an asteroid cave, but wasn't using a connector. A few kilometers outside of the cave I teleported back inside where I launched from in the asteroid cave, even though I wasn't using a connector when I launched. Regardless, I always teleport back to where I turned the ship on and tried to leave.

EDIT: It happened again and I just realized the teleporting happened in this case when I turned dampners off. So I could fly however far and teleport back as soon as I turned off dampners.

Leaving the cockpit and re-entering seems to solve that particular case, but until then it is repeatable.

Also for mining ships turning drills on/off seems to trigger the rubber banding.


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I've been having this issue as well, specifically on EOS servers. More often then not I have to replace my connectors when I take a ship out. This is happening with landing gears as well. One temporary fix is to poke your stuck ships with another ship that isn't stuck. But the issue with that is, all of my ships are stuck. One of my faction members seems to be the only one who can move ships when they are stuck like this.


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I see you updated this thread recently. We do have a main thread for this here where we are asking for reliable steps for reproducing the issue. I would suggest you head over to this if you have a save and/or reproduction steps for us :)

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