Sandbox Serializing Error causes Server being unable to save or be joined

Kuroshi shared this bug 3 years ago

Shortly after a restart, a player saw himself unable to join the server. The client side log and Minidump is attached.

Soon after that, nobody was able to connect anymore, everyone getting the same error. Server side we got Error: C:\TorchServer\Instance\Saves\Server test\.new\Sandbox.sbc failed to serialize, the full log can be downloaded here . This error also caused the server to not be able to save anymore.

After a restart, it took about half an hour (15 people online) For the issue to appear again.

Server world:

I don't know how exactly this is caused, but if people are joining/leaving/doing stuff on the server, the bug should show up after about half an hour

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Report obsolete since this was mod caused, said mod has since been fixed. Apparently it crashed while loading voxel


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