Rovers Constantly Veering to one side or the other

Onikage-056 shared this bug 17 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix


-Build powered rover (any grid size and mass will do)


-Watch with mounting irritation as rover inexplicably veers either left or right with no user input beyond attempting to counter veering

This is most noticeable with very small (under 20,000 kilos empty) rovers, but it's present even in multi-kiloton crawlers (my name for large grid rovers of any mass) packed with cargo.

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i have this problem since a few weeks now aswell and am able to reproduce it consistantly. in my case all my vehicles start to veere to the right and its rly extreme especially with a low amount of wheels and/or short wheel base.

the veering occurs consistantly after doing multiple changes to the wheel strenght the more drastic the sooner it appears and once a grid veers, nothing can be done about it!

ive tried:

- deleting only the wheel (one and all of them)

- deleting the wheel base aswell (one and all of them)

- deleting and repasting grid (Ctrl+X > Ctrl+V)

- played around with wheelsettings and wheel-placement

> this seems only to worsen it though (this is just a feeling not a fact)

i cant confirm yet, if it is caused by other wheel-settings aswell but the "strenght" is causing it without fail

the problem occours after about 3-5 changes to the mentioned setting and this is also tested across multiple wolds

only known "workarounds":

- rebuilding the grid (actually this is technically not a workaround at all :(

- adding more wheels (also not rly practical, but did help that one rover i had and it also does not solve the problem, makes it only less sevier)

- use ony left side of the wheel base for all sides (seems like this behavior is caused only by the right side of the wheel base, this i cant confirm though)


I hope this gets worked on, cause i discovered that this phenomen stays across blueprints, so once a vehicle is reeving and you happen to blueprint it after it started reeving, it stays in that state forever.

currently very frustrated, cant work on any of my rovers and i have like a ton of other ideas i wanna try but cant currently cause one change to mucht to the wheels and its over

i have an idea for a potential workaround which is merging grids but i will test that later, currently not in the mood to deal with this...


Hello, Both!

This has actually been reproduced here It is currently awaiting a fix :)

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