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[Regression][1.196][DS] Promoting Players breaks Faction

LordTylus shared this bug 3 years ago

Hello there,

since the Update we noticed weird behavior with Factions. Where a Player is not Shown in Faction Screen but still part of the faction and can Use Faction Chat. But Apart from that he cannot leave the faction, apply to an other one etc.

See Here:



Steps to reproduce:

Create new Faction (in Our Case TST - TestFaction)

Have an other player join the faction

Accept the other player

Hit the Promote Button

You will notice Promote Button does nothing. And Immediately the Player is no longer able to leave the faction.

Verified on Keen Vanilla Dedicated Server, 0 Mods.

When reconnecting to the server the Player nolonger appears in the Factions Member list, however is still part of the faction as he can read and write in faction chat and is still shown as member in F3 screen as shown above.

This appears to be some weird inconsitency. Please fix ASAP

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Problem is: the player in question (me) can't even leave the faction again!


This is confirmed happening on our vanilla server as well.


Hi everyone,

If you have faction or progress issue after the hotfix 1.196.012, you have to disband the faction and make it again.

That will fix both issues.

Sorry for that.


This seems to be working now on our server; thanks!

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