/nml chat command crash

Vox Serico shared this bug 9 months ago

The /help chat command lists /nml as an available command.

Typing /nml in chat instantly crashes the game.

Exception occurred: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiScreenDebugNetwork.ChatCommandSetNetworkMonitorTimeout(String[] args)
at Sandbox.Game.GameSystems.Chat.MyChatCommandSystem.Handle(String message)
at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiScreenChat.OnInputFieldActivated(MyGuiControlTextbox textBox)
at System.DelegateExtensions.InvokeIfNotNull[T1](Action`1 handler, T1 arg1)
at Sandbox.Graphics.GUI.MyGuiControlTextbox.HandleInput()
at Sandbox.Graphics.GUI.MyGuiScreenBase.HandleControlsInput(Boolean receivedFocusInThisUpdate)
at Sandbox.Graphics.GUI.MyGuiScreenBase.HandleInput(Boolean receivedFocusInThisUpdate)
at Sandbox.Graphics.GUI.MyScreenManager.HandleInput()
at Sandbox.Graphics.GUI.MyDX9Gui.HandleInput()
at Sandbox.MySandboxGame.Update()
at Sandbox.Engine.Platform.Game.UpdateInternal()
at Sandbox.Engine.Platform.Game.RunSingleFrame()
at Sandbox.Engine.Platform.FixedLoop.<>c__DisplayClass11_0.<Run>b__0()
at Sandbox.Engine.Platform.GenericLoop.Run(VoidAction tickCallback)
at Sandbox.Engine.Platform.Game.RunLoop()
at Sandbox.MySandboxGame.Run(Boolean customRenderLoop, Action disposeSplashScreen)
at SpaceEngineers.MyProgram.Main(String[] args)
2021-01-12 17:48:07.518 - Thread: 1 -> Showing message
2021-01-12 17:48:08.783 - Thread: 1 ->
================================== CRASH INFO ==================================
AppVersion: 01_197_073
GameName: Space Engineers
IsOutOfMemory: False
IsGPU: False
IsNative: False
IsTask: False
IsExperimental: False
ProcessRunTime: 36
PCUCount: 0
IsHang: False
GCMemory: 1795
GCMemoryAllocated: 1795
HWAvailableMemory: 4095
ProcessPrivateMemory: 5160
AnalyticId: SE
================================== OFNI HSARC ==================================

Decompiler reveals that it expects a number.

It crashes if that number is missing.

// Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiScreenDebugNetwork
[ChatCommand("/nml", "", "", MyPromoteLevel.Admin)]
private static void ChatCommandSetNetworkMonitorTimeout(string[] args)
	int updateLatency;
	if (args.Length == 1 && int.TryParse(args[0], out updateLatency))
		MyNetworkMonitor.UpdateLatency = updateLatency;

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Hello, Vox,

thanks for sharing the issue with us, providing the logs and info. It was successfully reproduced and put into our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department



We'd like to inform you that this issue will be fixed in the next update (version 198). Thank you for your patience.

Kind Regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department



this is fixed in 198.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department