MyMotorSuspension throttle and energy calculation issues

Garbius shared this bug 8 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

I've been poking around a bit around MyMotorSuspension and fixed some things. One thing I found was that the throttle was digital, even when using a controller. Making it analog caused issues with the power calculation since it assumed that the throttle was still digital. I fixed that too and while I was at it I also solved another bug with propulsion override, which I later found was already reported.

Since the patching was done at runtime, the code is implemented as an extension class, but adapting it will not take much effort. I can do it myself upon request, but I will not be able to test it.

I hope these fixes can be implemented in the next hotfix release.

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Hello, Garbius!

Thank you for your feedback, we have reproduced this issue.

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Keen Software House: QA Department