More Logic Blocks (Codding sux)

Vygintas Kirda shared this feedback 23 months ago

More logic blocks like Timer and Sensor block to be able to create basic systems without coding.

Altitude, speed, range, amount, light... sensors etc.

example: Like sense amount of item in selected block. Like ore in cargo or gass in tank. If amount is reached preform action (like timer).

OR.... ability for regular blocks (refinery, asembler, tanks, cargos, etc) to preform binary action. Like if refinery working selected block active (like red light is active) if not - greenligh is active. If cargo is full and ETC. This could be combined with already existing timers to create very complex contraptions.

Also LCDS with ability for binary display. If logic block is giving a signal display one text/picture if no signal display other text/picture.

Not everyone is scripter. This would add ability for more people to create systems also a need for more items on currently empty ship.

Comments (2)


It would be great if for the normal timer block, they added a drop down list of functions for it. So you could select the timer block's own function, then set it up with dragging items into the hotbar the normal way but with different purpose.

It could have and If/Then, And/Or. Basic logic gates and some more complex things made into the same drag and drop style. That way instead of just lining up a bunch of blocks in the hotbar for an 'and', 'and', 'and', 'and'.... You could make much more complicated things but not need extra blocks. That way the timer block becomes a universal go-to for those who don't know code.

It would be good if they made a gui for the timer block instead of using the hotbar. The current system works well, but having something specifically built for the purpose of 'programming' complex creations would make it a lot easier. I just made my own idea post on simply highlighting the selected function of a block in the hotbar so that when you right click you can actually see what it does. I think the majority of people who play this have no coding knowledge, so adding to timer blocks would be greatly beneficial.