Large Grid Rotor/Hinge Torque using Small Grid Torque values regardless of the displayed torque

Constantine Carlos shared this feedback 16 months ago

the actual torque of rotors and hinges on LG seem to only have 1MN maximum, instead of the displayed 1000MN. it is barely able to operate a crane weighing barely 30000kg/30tonnes. and even trying to carry a 23tonne buggy, it cannot lift it into the air with the arm rotor. All the hinges and rotor torques are set to 1000MN, but cannot handle the forces. As added information, it seems like small grid hinge displayed torque is erroneous as well; showing 1000MN max, instead of presumably 1MN max like the rotor/advanced rotor

additional info:

placing a rotor, on top of a rotor seems to be the easiest way to replicate this. (subgrid on subgrid with not many blocks between each other). Attached screenshot showing a rotor on a rotor at max torque unable to make the cradle spin fully.

link to video showing lack of torque: