Hinges have not enough Torque

Mehdi shared this feedback 17 months ago

I built a hinge with a piston at the end followed by another hinge. But the arm does not want to move.

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I have encountered this issue as well.

I was trying to build a large-grid setup with a hinge, followed by 2xpistons, followed by 3xdrills. With 2xdrills, the hinge lifts the setup no problem. With 3xdrills it is unable to move the arm *even if you crank the torque up to 1000MNm*.

I don't think hinges are computing their torque correctly because an equivalent setup *using an advanced rotor will move the arm at a torque of 33MNm*.

Please see the attached screenshot: the rotor has default torque of 33.6MNm and is moving. The hinge has torque all the way up to 1000MNm and will not move.



The same here, I was building a crane.

All worked perfectly with the programmable block moving things around.

I Have :

- 1 rotor working for Yaw (33.6MNm)

- 1 hinge Working for Pitch (started at 33.6MNm all throught 1000 MNm)

- 1 piston for extension

- 1 free rotor pour the magnetic head

- 1 free hinge for the magnetic head.

When I Locked the drone, the yaw rotor was able to move yet the hinge was totaly stuck.

when I unlock the drone, the hinge start to work again...