Hydrogen tank on small ship doesn't fill up when docked

Brian Ronald shared this bug 2 years ago

Even in stockpile mode, with plenty of hydrogen available in the large grid dock, my small grid ship's hydrogen tank won't fill. Usually, it will begin to fill if I enter its cockpit. It will stop filling when I leave the cockpit. Sometimes this has no effect, and it remains bunged up.

Stockpiling mode is being toggled on and off by the PAM script, which is installed and running, but even when the programming block is turned off the hydrogen tank remains unresponsive.

Notably, when in stockpile mode the tank shows four cyan fill markers, despite not being full. It reverts to a smaller number of green pips when stockpiling is turned off.

Undocking, using hydrogen, docking again, saving and reloading do not seem to change things.

This is not easy to replicate, but I found somebody else having the same issue over a year ago on Reddit.


A save file is attached. The affected ship is the one in front of the player upon loading (a popular design from the workshop). It's about two thirds full of hydrogen, and not filling.

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And is duplicated by the newer, but more detailed, https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/pc/topic/unreliable-stockpiling-of-small-grid-hydrogen-tanks.

And as such is likely anything but "Outdated", even in 1.199.025.


https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/pc/topic/unreliable-stockpiling-of-small-grid-hydrogen-tanks has been fixed, I recommend OP retests this to see whether it still happens.


So, SE 1.200.x then?

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