ghost collision problem with planetary surface

Usurpine Susanti shared this bug 3 years ago

I played on keen server, build a base, build a big car, then someone joined my faction, we prepared to bring his pod to the base, extended the car and did a lot of preparation, made to cockpits, looked for more ore and then we wanted drive to get his stuff. All the truck with all prepared items and us together fall through the surface into the planet.

Ok we suicided and respawned at the base, built a new truck, ran out of resources, mined manuall more ore to finish the car and went again to get my friends stuff.

We mined some ice because of no gases anymore and then we went slowly, because not enough batterie power and....

again fell through the planets surface and lost everyhing.


This game is out of early access and should not have bugs like this anymore, hundreds of people faced this problem and you really should put all engergy into fixing this problem now because this is nothing a player can workaround and its really frustrating and makes the game totally useless and unplayable.

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Hello, Engineer!

This issue should be already fixed: If there are any other issues please make a new report.

Kind regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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