Game Feezes then crashes with no real reason

Ben Nichols shared this bug 56 days ago

My game for some reason freezes and then crashes immediately after without any real reason why, i have an AMD 9 cpu, a 2070 super gpu and 32 GB of ram so it should run perfectly. However after booting it up in game for about two minutes or so i just completely freeze and thats it. I'm not even doing anything serious in the game, starting anew and trying to survive, and it crashes regardless. I even managed to play on multiplayer for a bit and somehow that was better, lasting most of the time for twenty minutes before crashing.

Before i have been able to play for around an hour, but then it decides to up and die on me and it's guaranteed to happen. I used to play this game on a laptop which had an Intel 7 cpu with 32 gb of ram and a graphics card from 2017. I turned everything to the lowest settings on that and it ran without crashing, so i don't understand how better hardware is failing to perform with the game.

I've uninstalling and reinstalling the game and lowered the settings down to lowest but the same problems still arise with it, playing for a short while and then freezes. This is something i can't put my finger on for whats causing the problem, perhaps Intel is better compatibility with the game than AMD?

in any case i hope a solution can be found for this since i used to love Space Engineers, now I'm locked out of it.

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Can you upload a log file?


fixed in 195.024, please test it and let us know