Crash in Experimental Mode

Metzger100 shared this bug 16 months ago

Hey there, (I know there is a related Topic but it is not the same)

My game crashes after about an hour in Experimental Mode.

First I thought it's because of one of my nearly 100 Mods, but after I created a new Wolrd with all Mods disabled the game crashed again. It appeared a error message, that the Graphics driver (GTX 970) has crashed. After I close this Window another appeares. In this Window is the Message, that there isn't enough Memory. (8gb of DDR3 1333 Mhz Cl9-9-9) But when I open the Taskmanager in the background while playing it shows, that there are only 70% in use, until the crash. I didn't tested it in normal Mode, only in Experimental Mode. It crashes with the Nvidia Driver Version 399.24 as well as with the newest Nvidia Driver Version.

This Bug exists min. since the 22.12.18! I wait for the next big Update, hoping this will fix it.

Can you help me?

Greetings from Bavaria!

-Leo Bareth

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