Base Detach from asteroids

Mathew Rawson shared this bug 4 years ago

me and my friend found a bug that if any damage that breaks a block is inflicted on the station it detaches from the asstroid and causes a lot of lag. The Station also becomes sort of ghost blockish and just goes threw the asteroid. this happened when blocked were shot hit by another ship or just grinded but did not happen then a new block was placed. I attached the world file that we discovered this in.

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Hello Mathew,

I have exactly the same problem and submitted a bug report about 2 weeks ago (see here). Our world is kind of unplayable with this bug. Is your save a multiplayer save, too? Could have something to do with that, although the detachement happens as well (at least in my save) when no other player has joined.





I encountered the same issue in my main world.

I have a huge base fixed to an asteroid. If i grind down one block, most part of the base become ship catch by asteroid with massive lag issue and co.

I've try one other world, didn't happen but i have only one world with big shipyard.

I've made some test to find what could invoque clang.

Origin parameter : survival / uncheck convert to station / unecheck unsupported station

With or without mod doesnt change anithing.

Happen in both survival and creative mode.

If i check convert to station, when base become free, it's not possible to convert back to station (i guess because movement and laggy in stone).

The only thing that stopping the clanging for the moment, is to check unsupported station.

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thank you :D it seems checking unsupported stations seems to stop the strange reactions to grinding a block


im having a problem with my station suddenly sinking through the asteroid it is merge blocked to every time i try to remove any blocks.

the first time the whole station sank in to the asteroid when i removed some button panels, after reloading it now floats up from the asteroid, the station and asteroid are both solid to me and also one of my ships that was connected.

i have tested in both survival and creative including Pasting the station in a fresh new world and as soon as i grind a block anywere on the station the whole Grid Floats away with the anchor Blocks gliding through the rock

i can link both a highlight and the world save if that would help


I have just experienced this same issue.

Playing on a Dedicated Multiplayer server

I was the only player on at the time. We have a base in an asteroid, as i was expanding a section of the base I misplaced a block on the side of the wall instead of the top of the wall. When I removed the block the entire base flickered then broke away from the stone of the asteroid. Huge lag followed. It now floats freely inside the asteroid merging and ghosting through the stone.

I shut the server down and restarted. I tried changing the config many times with everything i saw that had anything to do with grids and stations. From what i've read (without a previous world save) there is no fix and our worlds are toast.

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