Wheel collision error

Aron Nonymous shared this bug 5 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

When placing a wheel on a grid and destroying the block the wheel is connected to, the wheel phases through the former parent grid.

How to reproduce:

Make a small platform (Have it off the ground a little for visible results) and place a wheel suspension block.

Destroy either the wheel suspension block or the block the suspension is attached to and you will (hopefully) get this bug.

This was gotten in a world with no mods, on 2 separate save files and persisted after a relaunch.


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Hello, Aron,

thanks for letting us know.

Issue was successfully reproduced and put into our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Personally, 404, I think this reduced collision model on the suspension is a good thing. Having a large but static visual model with a small actual collision box seems like the lesser evil, when the alternative would be having to model and animate actual steering, driving, and suspension linkage between attachment points on chassis and wheel hub, if one wanted to avoid having floating wheels without visible connection.

I dread to think having a collision box the actual size of the visual model and the resulting loss of ground clearance. The 1×1 Wheels wouldn't even be able to touch the ground even at their lowest possible position. Also, people are getting stuck between wheels alone often enough as it is; adding even more collision in the vicinity would just cause even more frustration.

For once, I'm with Keen's current implementation here. It's not the prettiest, true. I, too, would like if the suspension were a little leaner (and also if the wheels wouldn't look as laughably goofy with their being attached by, and their steering about, the far end of a little protruding nubbin), but under the circumstances it's probably the least offensive compromise.


I agree with you to some extent. However keep in mind this is SE, Clang only knows what is a bug and what a feature.

Thats why i mentioned that you cant interact with the most of teh large grid 5x5 suspension. I wanted to weld it, i wanted to grind it and i could only do it on a certain part of it.

Same with pistons, you cant grind the part towards the end when extended. You need to move closer to the largest tube- the part away from the head (i hope you know what i am trying to say)

Thats why i mentioned it in the original thread, and judging by the fact it was marked as "Reported – Awaiting fix" its not working as they intented.

I dont realy care if they make its collision only on a small part or the whole thingh. I didnt know if it was a bug or not, so i reported it. It's function is to drive, and it does so either way.


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