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Kenny Sweetnam shared this bug 23 months ago


Allow me to start this email by saying I love this game. I do believe I have an addiction to it. Well done Keen! First, there appears to be a bug where the Dispenser, and the ATM block revert to old textures (the stock semi-scratched armor) upon me reloading a saved world or ship. The color however does seem to stay the same. When I try to repaint the object, it doesn't do it unless I paint it something completely different. This isn't a major issue. Just something I thought I would bring to light. The second bug I have is my ship spamming me with the message "No Fuel" when I let off the ion and hydrogen thrusters or when they turn off. This however is not the case given how I have full fuel. I have tried to reopen and close the world but that has not fixed the issue. This is also not a big issue. Any advice as to fixing this would be of great value.


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