[1.193.103] optimal spawn distance cannot be disabled despite the UI suggesting that

LordTylus shared this bug 3 years ago

Hello there,

we have quite a lot of problems with people spawning close to ANY player on our dedicated servers. For that I found some info which will be adressed in a separate bug report.

I thought I could just turn optimal spawn distance off as the game suggests me doing. When i go in game to world settings and move the slider all the way to the left it says disabled.

However after testing it players now spawn very very close to players.

After a bit of investigation I noticed that the optimal spawn distance then is set to

in world settings.

And after playing the decompiling game I found out that the MySpaceRespawnComponent always states:

      MySpaceRespawnComponent.SpawnInfo spawnInfo = new MySpaceRespawnComponent.SpawnInfo()
        SpawnNearPlayers = true,
        IdentityId = player.Identity.IdentityId,
        PlanetDeployAltitude = respawnShip.PlanetDeployAltitude,
        CollisionRadius = respawnShip.Prefab.BoundingSphere.Radius,
        MinimalAirDensity = respawnShip.UseForPlanetsWithoutAtmosphere ? 0.0f : respawnShip.MinimalAirDensity
Disregardning any optimal spawn settings.

And the Spawn method does:

      float optimalSpawnDistance = MySession.Static.Settings.OptimalSpawnDistance;
      float minFreeRange = (float) (((double) optimalSpawnDistance - (double) optimalSpawnDistance * 0.5) * 0.899999976158142);
      float collisionRadius = info.CollisionRadius;
      if (info.SpawnNearPlayers)
Please fix

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No this are indeed two separate issues both created by me. They may be related so in the first paragraph I mentioned the other

This one is about the inability to disable the feature even though the UI says its "disabled"

The other one is about the feature when enabled spawning players near hostile or potentially hostile players


Hello, Engineer!

Sorry about that, moving to considered.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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