[1.193.021]Graphics driver crash and Memory leak

UfoL BeerSeeker shared this bug 2 years ago

So recently i decided to try out new Lost Colony scenario with my girfriend. It runs fine for me. But when my GF wants to join it takes ages to get into the game, and then her game crashes very often. I did check RAM usage, and mine (host) was about 7-8GB at the time while hers went to 13GB and essentially took all of it. Once the crash happens she gets two popup messages. One saying that GFX driver crashed, and the second that she ran out of RAM.Even whe she tried to host the scenario, i got connected while she was still in the loading screen for a good while longer. And the RAM usage was still nearly double of mine. We have the same computers, GFX drivers updated, and SE is the only app running at the time. We connect from the same room.

At steam forum i was told by Dan2D3D that game usually take about 2GB of ram. Ok, so i did few more tests and it seems to behave the same on my machine as well. It is just not as visible as I have more RAM on it.

For both me and my GF it does use 2GB ONLY at fresh start in main menu. Once i start new world it will go between 4-6GB and mostly stay this way. After i quit to main menu however it will stay at about 3.7-4GB RAM. Frequent loading game, quiting to menu and reloading again seem to intensify this, however i didn't manage to make it above 7GB ingame and 5GB in menu this way.

Things get much worse when i try Lost colony scenario. On both our machines RAM usage was very high. My GF system gaves up and crashes at about 11GB. Mine have more ram installed and i could observe the game to consume 15GB of ram in peak and then stabilisie at about 11-12GB. Once i quit to main menu ram usage remained at 7GB.

In my oppinion there is some memory leak. All my testing was done with no mods and on new saves. Wether save was offline or not did not make much difference. Other scenarios or custom worlds were below 6GB. Lost colony seems to double the ram usage. But even on normal worlds ram seems higher than supposed as well.

Below are the log files. I dont think i need to attach machines specs, as they are included in the logs.

First one may be a bit long as i first tried to create/save/reload repeatedly on new survival world to see ram usage. After that i created Lost colony save and it crashed on loading.

1st machine Crash on loading Log file

Second time i created lost colony world right after launching the game to avoid accumulated Ram usage from reloading. It did load but crashed soon after.

1st machine Crash after few minutes Log file

Third one is on my second laptop which has 32GB ram. It did not crash, ran smooth, but i could observe high ram usage. After some time driving around, when nothing more happened I did save and quit, then copied the log.

2nd machine No Crash but High Ram use Log file

Here are all the logs plus some screens i took while having task manager on screen to monitor ram usage while testing.

Folder with screens and logs + other Vrage logs

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I have this same issue, and it is solely restricted to the Lost Colony scenario; everything else, including planets, loads fine, using large but finite (~7-9GB) amounts of RAM, but the scenario sends the RAM usage ever higher, past the 16GB mark, and exhausting the pagefile, until the game, the graphics driver, and multiple other programs crash.


My machine will start to load the Scenario but will crash and I will have to do a hard reboot. I can load everything else fine. Just this scenario is causing an issue. I cannot attach a log because I cannot get one once it locks my machine up.


Technically this issue is due to running out of video ram. So basically they have a memory issue where they are using all of the GPU video memory. That's what happens when your source code is literally blended spaghetti (static references, instance references, random back-references, etc).


Dan2D3D used to look at the GC memory use in-game via Shift+F11 which could be why he said 2 GiB. Inflex who worked on the engine and XBox port would look at the commited virtual memory which shows a different, higher value and more realistically reflects the load on the system. (You can turn that column on in Task Manager). Also software/drivers can use more RAM if more is available for caching purposes, which can make a direct comparison between a 16 GiB and a 32 GiB system difficult.

That said, Lost Colony exhausted the video RAM on my 8 GiB AMD card as well (High settings) which caused the scenario to stutter, but not crash. It looked like it was caused by the game generating terrain tile textures as I walked outside in the "wilderness".

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