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[1.193.019] Long loading times in the main menu

József Szabó shared this bug 2 years ago
Won't Fix

The main menu takes ages to boot up, including the "Load World" menu.

It wasn't like this until 1.193.

On the other hand, Character menu takes a lot shorter to load in.

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Yeah, it's really frustrating. Anything takes ages to open, as if it's making long physics calculations. Even the game itself is faster than the main menu.

Seriously, what's going on?


I made a video to show how much loading the main menu does. It's like it's downloading tons of things just to see if a save file exists or not. The game log file is in the attachment to show my system info.



I appreciate this reply is quite late. I just wanted to check if the problem still persists with you? I have tested this on the recent 1.197.074 version and it is working much faster than your video shows. Please let me know if I can close this thread or if you are still having issues :)

Kind Regards,

Laura, QA Department


Hello Engineer,

Since there are no new comments in this topic and we are still not able to reproduce it,

we are closing this thread as outdated.

In case anyone is encountering the same or similar bug, which is not already posted in a

different thread, please feel free to create a new thread with all relevant information.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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