1.189.033 - Major Bug - Ores not being calculated in MediumCargo (No Mass) - Not added to grid mass

Robb shared this bug 3 years ago

Whilst mining ore, the stone does not add weight when it's being moved into cargo containers. I did move it into the drills and it added weight to the grid mass:

Video for the bug and recreation:


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Affected containers:

Medium Cargo Container on Small ship

Cockpit on Small ship


Related problem:

When adding stuff to a container from outside the ship, the mass of the ship is not updated UNTILL you enter the cockpit OR somethings triggers the mass to update (like adding another thruster, putting something in an ejector, ...).

This affects both Survival and Creative.


Same thing happens here. I have a large grid cargo ship with using small containers that I dock with miners. In order to make sure that the ship weight is correct I have to fill up cargo, undock, go out of cockpit and back in. Even sometimes that doesn't work and I have to land and reenter cockpit.

If I don't do this the dedicated server / client seems to get confused about position in the world and I can visually be a couple of blocks away from base connector and start getting collision indications and small warps.


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