[1.189.040] A ships mass is not correctly updated when manually adding mass to its container

MegaByte shared this bug 11 months ago

Ok, this is a tricky one.

When manually adding or removing mass to a container of an atmospheric ship, the total mass of the ship is not (always) updated. This affects the thrust of the ship as well. (Both Creative and Survival)


- New Game => Earth Planet (Survival, rest default settings)

- Atmospheric_Miner_mk.2 ship has a default mass of 58,629 kg.

- Remove all uranium from the ship (when there is uranium, the mass does seem to update every sec or so)

- The ship now has a mass of 58,621 kg.

- Spawn 1,500 kg of ore and pick it up with your character

- Put this 1,500 kg of ore in the medium cargo container from outside of the ship (through an access hatch)

- The ship mass is not updated and is still 58,621 kg.

When DOES it update:

- when entering and leaving the cockpit

- when there is uranium in a reactor connected to the ship

- when adding mass to the drills instead of the container

- maybe some other ways, I did not fully investigate

This has the nice effect of stuffing your hovering ship with ore untill it is full, it still hovers no problem, then you enter the cockpit, the mass updates and boom it sinks like a stone.

Also see my other bug: https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/general/topic/1-189-040-player-mass-gets-added-to-total-ship-mass-but-has-no-effect-on-thrusters

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I have same bug with ground vehicle. Vehicle mass does not change when cargo is transferred between grids. It changes when vehicle blocks destroyed or placed new one.


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