[1.188.10x] [DS] Ship cannot detach from connector

Boromir shared this bug 2 years ago

This is repeat bug for this ticket: https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/general/topic/ship-rubber-bands-back-to-groundconnector

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My daughter and I were playing with her newly built ship. Easy Start Earth, platform constructed extended from Earth Station grid. Connector built into platform. We made a blueprint of her new ship, crashed several times and recreated from blueprint (no projector). The design had her as owner of most parts but perhaps not all. I landed it on the connector with a stable locked connection. Disconnected and tried to take off. It would rubber band on her screen but sit motionless on my screen. I also turned off the connector and it still stayed connected with engines at full thrust, but only fractional m/s movement. Again, motionless on my screen. Then I set the ownership of all parts of her ship to her and tried again. No luck. Then I set the faction to Shared and it released her ship from the connector.

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