[1.187.209 ModAPI]: ContainerType.sbc and PirateAntenna.sbc not accessible from AllDefinitions

Thraxus shared this bug 3 years ago

MyDefinitionManager.Static.GetAllDefinitions does not contain the definitions for either PirateAntenna's or ContainerTytpes.

PirateAntenna's can be obtained separately from MyDefinitionManager.Static.GetPirateAntennaDefinitions.

ContainerTypes doesn't appear to have any way to extract all defined types. The only function available appears to be MyDefinitionManager.Static.GetContainerTypeDefinition, which is a hit or miss operation.

Given the assumed scope of MyDefinitionManager.Static.GetAllDefinitions, I believe it is a bug, or an oversight, that neither ContainerTypes nor PirateAntenna's are made available there.

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While I'm at it, if you could make this (private List<string> m_spawnGroups) public, I'd appreciate it:

  [MyDefinitionType(typeof (MyObjectBuilder_PirateAntennaDefinition), null)]
  public class MyPirateAntennaDefinition : MyDefinitionBase
    public string Name;
    public float SpawnDistance;
    public int SpawnTimeMs;
    public int FirstSpawnTimeMs;
    public int MaxDrones;
    public MyDiscreteSampler<MySpawnGroupDefinition> SpawnGroupSampler;
    private List<string> m_spawnGroups;


i 100% agree


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