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Where in the middle ages without water?

Where were the settlements located in the Middle Ages? That's right - near the sources of drinking water.

What was the transport of large loads? On ships by water.


Water, ships and wind are very well implemented in the game.

Sea of Thieves

Assassin's Creed 3

When you make ships - do not forget about the wind - you need to catch it in order to gain speed.

Remember that this same wind fills the blades of windmills and demolishes fragile structures

Water is one of the sources of energy.


Than extinguished fires - with water.

How lowered heavy boulders from the mountains, with no splits them - on the ice.

Fishing brought food to people.

Keen when you make water, do not forget about fish, nets, ice, and therefore temperature and of course about shipping. Or do you think that building a ship is not a field of engineering?

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You haven't forgotten that before building a building, they conduct geodetic surveys.

If there is groundwater or the area is swamped, then drainage is used!

Otherwise, we have flooded basements of buildings, tilted on the side of the building, cracks in the floor and walls.


sea of thieves and assassin creed 3 don't use same engine as ME and they are not voxel based like ME. they are completely seperate types of games.


Jakob Kristensen

What do you want to tell me this is not clear to me


the 2 games you list as why Medieval Engineers should have water, are totally separate types of games. their game engines there control physics. are way different then the game engine for Medieval engineers. Assassin creed 3 and sea of thieves are not voxel based games, while Medieval engineers are a voxel based game. your argument for why medieval engineers should have water, because assassin creed 3 and sea of thieves have water is invalid. they are seperate types of games and with seperate types of game engines.


Mentioning these games, I first of all indicated that the picture and functionality are at a height. I want to see on the engine Keen such an eye-pleasing picture. If this is not possible, then something resembling minekraft water or better.

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