Variants of existing blocks

Heiko M shared this feedback 5 years ago

I think there is order to add few block variants. I promise it wouldn't be to hard, but still useful

  1. Wall blocks with windows / doors mirrored:
    Since you can place those not only on the block but also attached to a block (occupying the next block) the windows and doors might open in the wrong direction.
    So a version that opens the other way round would be nice.
  2. Railings centered:
    Which would be the the normal block long railings (or the with supports) but instead of the edge of a block in the center.
    Those would come in handy when you use Wall Walks
  3. Fancy wood walls with the beam on the other side:See point 1. (so that the beam is still on the outside even if build attached)
  4. Fancy wood walls with the beam in opposite direction:
    As you build those walls breaking them up in different directions is usually the way it was done in the real world, but doing so by rotating the block in this game as it is, is a pain.
    For players it would be way easier if there is a other variant right next to it.
    So instead of fumbling around, and probably turning the block in the wring direction a few times, you could just turn the mouse wheel instead.

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I would add to the list more variants of armor blocks as my current build is odd looking for the ceiling trim on my rover bays in my giant rover/shop as there aren't blocks that are variants for invented corners aka no half block slope to a full block for a connector spot. Heck a connector that is have of a block would be great.

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