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Scott d shared this feedback 4 years ago

Currently, my carts have 4 wheels on the sides of my cart and they don't go where I want.

I tried to make a cart with the front axle on another turn block attached to the center of another timber in the middle of the front. The axle on the turn block would not turn right or left.

Is there another way to make steerable carts I have not considered?


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How you described it is pretty much how it works. Instead of a single central timber though, try making a "hook" out of timbers that you can walk into.

Be careful however. I haven't build a wagon in that way since 0.7 came out, but until 0.6.x, there was a bug where that central catch block could freeze and become unsteerable when you didn't get into the hook without touching any other part of your wagon. Make sure you make the hook long enough so you can easily get in without touching the wheels. It sometimes also freezes anyway after some pushing.

If it freezes, get out of the hook, and run into the side of the cart, giving it a good bump. That usually gets it unstuck.


Thank you Morshu,

I tried again and got something to work. It is still cumbersome, not dragging easily (the rope keeps breaking) and yes, it locks up.

Here is a picture of what I built in the plow configuration, for anyone who is having difficulty picturing what I described.

Files: plow.JPG

That's a very good plow design, the only thing you might want to change is the T-shape into an L-shape, like this cart I just build (and which works unexpectedly well):3fcf6e1280502a3248d3bdd2eabe57ef


As you can see, you don't even need the pulling rope, just getting into the "hook" and walking forward is enough.

Even this barbarian that somehow got caught in there managed to pull it!

Oh, and having the front axle the same width as the rear axle might help as well.


Ha, your cart is wonderful. I also found that the hook in the L or T lets me just walk forward once I am inside, and indeed, the cart works much better, turns better, and can go at full speed this way. I may modify mine just a bit more to make it a little longer, and have all three farming tools mounted underneath. I already have the seeder and the plow mounted under the body.

Then I will have a real useful tractor.

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