The World is Dead

lucio magno shared this feedback 5 years ago

There is no purpose to build and develop siege weapons in singleplayer if there is nothing to siege... Right now there isn`t much use for this upgraded combat, and the world feels super lonely. singleplayer is slowly turning stale for me, because there isn`t any challenge... not even the option to have it or not. In my opinion, barbarians and animals need a total rework. What do you guys think?

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absolutely true, it's what i call that watching an ant farm thing and imho its not ME per se, its same in City Skylines or other solo building games when you realize you are the only person to ever see all your cool (and let's be honest usually satisfying) work - its why i went purely multiplayer in ME after maybe 50 hours doing the solo thing... there is no real PvE right now in the early access and will fill itself out in the next 2 years or so as the title develops. note when i first bought ME is because i thought there were going to be Serfs to assign tasks, since been removed. there are mods that could help and worth experimenting as such imho.

-- could you though if you play solo turn the barbarian number slider in the server game settings to max to spam as many of them into your world as possible? and cant you have like 10 active barbarians running around which should be pretty involving?

from history you can also build large desert kites and other wall like channels that will guide all creatures, deer and barbs, into you. i find this controls the barbarian activity better and gets rewarding when you hear that barking dog deer:

"Desert Kites are what a form of hunting enclosure, an ancient communal hunting strategy and type of mass kill structure which was used in the Arabian and Sinai deserts. Desert kites are stone structures built with a wide end and a narrow end that led into an enclosure, a deep pit, or a cliff edge.
The hunters would chase animals (mostly gazelles) into the wide end and herd them to the back end, where they could be killed and butchered. The structures are called kites because RAF pilots first discovered them, and they look like the children's toys from the air." [ref.]
as far as reworking animals other than just having more, i always said take the programming of the barbarian and toss that on a deer that has been re-skinned to look like a wolf. oh so easy to say from the bleachers...
looks like you have to go mp now, let that bring a whole new discussion forth! note nobody sieges in mp really, very very rare too. give the game 2 years?


Play multiplayer if your lonely. Sounds like you've reached the same point everyone else does, as ibisgrunk stated. Don't be afraid to join a house. Expect doing remedial tasks for a week till they get used to you. Use the 3rd party voice chat the servers or houses often provide. larger houses you'll climb slower to being recognized by other house members for building/combat/engineering skills, unless you've mastered the game and have something to teach them. Oh and Ibisgrunk, BS no one sieges in MP. It was a bloodbath on our server last weekend, all led by our House. Even got a new rule enforced on the server due to our effective siege methods. By the way our House has made some of the best pvp players in the game including WarNexxus.. We take noobs and average players and train them up to our skill level, teach them Klang siege engineering, Flight, and Combat skills, then take over the server, make other houses pay tribute to us(kinda like the mafia), we even raid the server owners. Pretty sure even Ibisgrunk has been in our house before(like a year or 2 ago) or maybe we sieged him..., name looks familiar. So thats my ADHD convoluted pitch on multiplayer. It's a good time, an you don't know nothing yet, but youll learn.

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