the shovel needs more voxel takeaway, and is too weak compared to the pickaxe

ibisgrunk shared this feedback 5 years ago

imo with the pickaxe's ability to simultaneously hold a torch i find the shovel not worthy of common use for digging, often in the dark the farther down you dig. could i ask for the dev team to consider doubling its take away, the voxel impact of a shovel hit? i see the shovel for users wanting large moats and other projects and could be more useful for a larger voxel removal imho. also with spice bread the double boost of mining seems more challenged by the longer shovel graphics - again making the pickaxe just a better choice imo.

also i find the shovel to much harder to make contact constantly creating the melee swing action instead, also making the shovel less pleasant to use and more time consuming...

(side note - a pickaxe is a two handed tool and like the shovel should not allow torch use, you cannot use a pickaxe with one hand)(side side note, there are no copper tools IRL, its too soft a metal, imo all copper tools should be removed)(side side side note, Sid Meier programming rule: either double it or half it when in doubt - which to me applies to the shovel)

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Copper tool was used in the copper age which predate the bronze age. there have been found copper axes, hammers, spear heads, daggers and short swords. so copper was not too soft to be used as a tool or weapon. but only limit its uses.


"Ötzi the Iceman, a male dated from 3300–3200 BC, was found with an axe with a copper head 99.7% pure" -

but i think most copper tools are Clad with copper rather than pure copper?


update: Otzi the Iceman was traded to Arsenal today for a minimal transfer fee

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