Voxel manipulation using blocks (using dirt in the process)

Thales shared this feedback 5 years ago

This is an idea especially for survival gameplay. As simple as I can explain, there would be two large cube blocks. First one is for voxel creating, second one is for voxel removing.

1. Create Voxel Box:

Place it similar to placing large blocks, but only on voxels, not on other blocks. It uses dirt as construction material. Player uses hammer to construct it. When it reaches 100% of construction, it suddenly vanish and creates dirt voxel in its volume.

2. Remove Voxel Box:

Place it similar to placing large blocks, in voxels. Placing it doesn't cost any material and it starts with 100%. Player uses hammer to deconstruct it. When it reaches 0%, it vanishes and removes the voxel in its volume.

Remove Voxel Box should have a timer that removes it after a specific time to avoid placing them in large number then forgetting.

There could be some variants along side with cube box such as ramp, double ramp..etc

With this feature, rampart walls, Motte and Bailey castles, moat..etc would be easier and better to make.

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In the same vein but with a small variations.

Would it be possible to add a still rake tool. So we could transform the terrain. As in your first video "medieval engeneers - video ad (Alpha 01/2015)"


35 seconds from the beginning. At this moment in survival mode, far from filling the gap with blocks, have no option. And filling the void with blocks can cause structural problems that are too big in some cases. So here, in summary is whether with a shovel and a rake in survival mode, there is a way to create voxel of land as in creative mode.


With the big stone we could make pavers. Small rock, gravel. And sand sand or standard path.


+1 to this. I tend to inhabit mountains, and I would like to engineer some terraced farms so I can still eat.

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