{Suggestion 0.7] add 'favorites' to the now longer list of craftables

ibisgrunk shared this feedback 5 years ago

Hi Keen, thank you for the progress into 0.7!

we now have a much longer crafting list to scroll through (for example to get a wooden shovel after unlocking all other craftables) and i think it would be simplified/better with giving us an option to FAVORITE certain things in the main list. for example i would like SMALL STONE to be at the top of my list, my custom favorites etc. list. TIMBERS could be a solid #2 on that list...

i believe folks will like being able to put a couple items at the top of that list instead of scrolling! timbers and small stones are certainly the most crafted?

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I second this, but also suggest a filter box on the list.


Yeah, favourites, a filter box and/or themed tabs, like basic materials (lumber, stones), containers, crafting tables, furniture, tools/food etc. would be very handy.


i personally would just like to have the grid-based item system back (including crafting station inventories!) with a search bar. this whole list thing is kind of a move in the opposite direction, its confusing and honestly annoying compared to before...

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