sometimes spawning on claim block creates infinite death

ibisgrunk shared this feedback 2 years ago

in the past this wasnt a problem but currently if you put a claim block surrounded by walls* we find spawning to that claim will kill the engineer and send him flying into the sky a couple hundred feet. although that is pretty cool it sometimes takes dozens of respawns to catch spawning next to the claim without dying.

could Keen kindly look at where and how an engineer spawns in proximity to the claim block?

the situation does render spawning impossible as you keep dying, and randomly somehow your engineer might spawn successfully but again it can mean repeating spawning dozens of times to get that one lucky spawn... i always remembered in the old days your engineer kind of sliding down the top or even landing on top of the claim block...

note when one gets a choice of spawn locations it will show the graphic of what that claim looks like, often these death trap claims will show what looks like the top graphic of a neighboring square one below the surface of where the claim is placed. i also wonder is some mod is randomly affecting this? if Keen finds nothing wrong then i take my ire to the Water Mod and its constant weird effects to the game but have found this on other servers without the Water Mod.

* not putting blocks in the same square as the claim block but next to it on the nearest square still kills you. so claim block in middle then take one step away and place cube blocks and then the claim becomes a death spawner!

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CONFIRMED THIS IS ONLY ON THE WATER MOD active servers, this error is mod related, the default game lands a players on top of the spawn claim whereas the water mod puts the player slightly off the cube and a little below which is cause for circular death upon spawning...

CONSIDER THIS SOLVED as a bug, should not be in Feedback, ignore or move to Bugs please