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Small stone storing changes

Tomáš Bohuslav shared this feedback 5 years ago
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Suddenly i noticed, that small stones can no longer be stored along with ores, they go to stone storage instead. I immedeately noticed a few problems connected with that.

First, bunches of small stones look graphically ugly and their textures often go through wood texture of the container. (Small storage, i haven't tested the large one) Also, this storage has too large gaps between planks, small stones would simply fall through.

Practically speaking, it's not the best idea to store stones of two different sizes in one container. You'd soon find the needed type hard to reach IRL. (Yes, i know this is just a game, but it's trying to be realistic within possibilities, isn't it?)

And at last, just in my humble opinion, small stones actually looked good in ore storage and it made enough sense, i see no reason to change it.

Thank you for hearing me out and sorry if you've been already told this.

T. B.

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Hello, thank you for the report. We know about these graphical issues with stockpiles and we are going to fix them when our artist team will have time.

But the reason we changed the stockpiles is because of resource rebalance. We are still going to improve them and maybe change few more things about stockpiles.

We will see what our designers will change. =D



thank you for your answer and for your efforts, both recent and future. :)


I was wondering why I could not place small stones inside Small Stockpile for Ores.

The ingame text still says that the "Small Stockpile for Ores" is for ore and "small stone" as well as the wiki: (The wiki says "Iron ore")

When your new to the game, like me, your first guess is that it is a bug.


Wiki updated. Be confused no longer!

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