Sleeping (SP and MP)

Maxwell shared this feedback 5 years ago


I recently had an idea of how to make it more necessary to have a bed or a proper shelter in the game.

The idea is for the player to fall asleep when disconnecting from a server in MP or leaving a game in SP. The player would not be deleted from the world but replaced with a sleeping engineer. The sleeping engineer would then be vulnerable for theft or could also be killed, so players would need a proper shelter to protect themselves on MP servers. If people are going to rob some of his belongings, they are missing when the player restarts next time, if they kill him, he will restart with the normal spawn menu.

Usage of beds: Players can lay down themselves in a bed before leaving the game. When they come back, this can give some bonus in stats for example in vigor. If players do not lay down on beds, they just fall down and start sleeping, giving them minus stats when reconnecting.

For SP, the bed could also work as some kind of time shift, if you don't want to work at night.

I think adding this function would add more importance to build an own house with a bed and could also increase player interactivity on MP servers, when travelling players ask for shelter etc.

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So.... basically like in Rust? I like the idea, as long one can also switch it off in the world settings.

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